The Trew Era Cafe and the Future

Russell Brand has been working on his latest socially aware venture for over a year, and it has been widely covered by media. This is partly because much of media has been More »

Travel and Food Do Mix

Did I mention Food? While the French are right into nouvelle cuisine (in other words, not much for helluva lot) you can be certain that in an eastern European restaurant or cafe More »

Traditions and Food Tips

What I love most about travelling is the first hand knowledge of other cultures. There is something unique about discovering the traditions, the way of life, the arts & crafts and especially More »

Cafes and Culture at Chicago Restaurants

Chicago – with a rich cultural background and great shopping, it is no wonder tourists are attracted to this fun-filled city. When you have high end shopping down Magnificent Mile and State More »

Holiday and Food Fusion

The food on Malta is a fusion of complimentary styles and fine flavours. Whilst the idea of fusion food might appear to be a modern idea it is, in fact, the basis More »

Travel and Food Do Mix

Did I mention Food?

While the French are right into nouvelle cuisine (in other words, not much for helluva lot) you can be certain that in an eastern European restaurant or cafe one meal and a side salad between two people is more than enough.

I really should have known after our Zagreb experience:

* Great Indian Restaurant – Light meals with rice and wine and beer. Result: Full as a goog for under $AU50

* Croatian Restaurant – Main meal and side dish with water. Result: Full as a goog for under $AU25.

We get into Sofia, Bulgaria and make our way to what appears to be a trendy restaurant and bar. Admittedly, we probably got the wrong meal, but two big plates of cold meat and salad and one bottle of wine (by appointment to the King of somewhere) later, we would have been knocked over by the price. That is, if we were able to get up after cleaning up the plates.

The price of less than $AU16 was a bargain even with

Holiday and Food Fusion

The food on Malta is a fusion of complimentary styles and fine flavours. Whilst the idea of fusion food might appear to be a modern idea it is, in fact, the basis of traditional Maltese cooking. Ever since the conflicts fought on Malta between Christian and Islamic forces in the mid 1500s, the primarily Mediterranean diet adopted some elements of Moorish cuisine, creating a unique combination of Southern Italian dishes with Turkish influences. In recent years, the British have contributed to influencing Maltese culinery directions. During Malta’s spell as a British colony, numerous English and Scottish foods were adopted by the island’s native population. Holidays in Malta are a great way to taste the result of these various influences in cooking first hand, allowing you to enjoy usual dishes such as Kusksu soup and Ftira. Malta also offers a number of drinks unique to the island, including Imbuljuta, a homemade drink that comes from sweetened chestnuts cooked with cocoa, tangerine zest and cloves.

Traditional Maltese ingredients include the usual Mediterranean staples such as olives, tomatoes and fish, as well as local

Brisbane Restaurants, Cafes

In the not too distant past Brisbane was seen as poor cousin to other Australian cities, viewed as provincial and behind the times. But no more! These days it has five-star restaurants, cool bars and quirky cafes to rival the best anywhere.

Here are some of the best:

To shake up your idea of a great cocktail bar, make a booking at tiny Anise in the evolving neighbourhood of New Farm. Sip on absinthe, nibble on gourmet snacks or top quality meals, and know you’re at the epicentre of Brisbane cool.

For a terrific lunch or dinner out with friends, head to Isis in funky Fortitude Valley. Verity Byth, Chief Experience Officer for says it delivers “a close-to-perfect combination of the elements of great urban living: relaxed and sophisticated decor, food that is clearly the result of great attention to detail, and floor service that’s smooth and personal”.

For a café that nourishes mind and body you can’t go past Riverbend Tea House. Its outdoor deck and shady ‘tree-room’ make the most of Brisbane’s tropical climate. The food is terrific, and the café adjoins the acclaimed Riverbend Books, so

The Trew Era Cafe and the Future

Russell Brand has been working on his latest socially aware venture for over a year, and it has been widely covered by media. This is partly because much of media has been pretty sceptical of Brand’s seemingly out-of-nowhere transformation as a would-be revolutionary.

For a while now, Russell Brand has been campaigning for a social and political upheaval, and making somewhat controversial statements such as announcing that he didn’t vote, and explaining that voting made no difference as all of the parties are practically the same. Last year, he published his book, ‘Revolution’, which discussed many of his views on social and political issues. In the book, he called for a “global revolution involving radical wealth redistribution and spiritualism”, and received pretty mixed reviews and responses from the media as well as the general public in the UK. As well as his ‘Revolution’ book, Brand also runs a YouTube channel, outlining these social and political issues he wishes to change, called ‘The Trews’.

However, his latest project, expanding into social enterprise and business, is arguably his biggest revolutionary venture yet. Russell Brand has (just earlier this week) opened a non-profit, social enterprise café, called The Trew

Traditions and Food Tips

What I love most about travelling is the first hand knowledge of other cultures. There is something unique about discovering the traditions, the way of life, the arts & crafts and especially the food. All Countries are fascinating in their own way; however there are places in the world that are richer than others in a way of traditions and history. Morocco is one of them. Not only Morocco sprouts history from every corner with its beautiful architecture and the Medina, which has kept the unspoilt status of old city and seems to guard its hidden secrets, but the traditions are just as evident in everyday life. You just need to visit one of the famous Moroccan markets to see the abundance of their arts and crafts, and if you are lucky enough you might even barter yourself a deal and take home one of the renowned Moroccan rugs or a precious handmade piece of silver jewellery.

Food lovers who travel to Morocco will be able to please their taste buds during their visit to Morocco where traditional food is well known for its succulent Tajine and couscous dishes. Moroccan food is based on meat, usually lamb

Cafes and Culture at Chicago Restaurants

Chicago – with a rich cultural background and great shopping, it is no wonder tourists are attracted to this fun-filled city. When you have high end shopping down Magnificent Mile and State Street, or beautiful Millennium Park with an ice skating rink, Crown Fountain, sculptures, and outdoor theaters with bands, where else would you want to visit. Chicago immediately sucks you in with a night life of music that ranges from gospel to hip-hop or punk. Now that you are in this great city, where do you go to eat? Well here are a few suggestions and great cultural and fun Chicago restaurants to check out while you are in town.

A Middle Eastern restaurant called the Chickpea is a great place to start on your tasting tour of the best Chicago restaurants. This diverse place is decked out in American movie posters in Arabic and Islamic patterns and decorations. Its family own and run restaurant serves up an assortment of fine dishes. Their Palestinian and Middle Eastern menu sports items such as mussakhkhan, falafel and hummus. It’s a fun little cultural experience, but don’t forget to bring cash or a credit card, they don’t accept travelers

Things To Do and Food to Eat in Fukuoka

Fukuoka isn’t that small of a place. Actual numbers bring the population to about the 5 million mark, with the city having roughly 1.3 million people. With that amount of people around, you know there has got to be something to do. On any day of the week if you look you will be able to find something that interests you. There are often festivals in one area or another in Fukuoka city. With a little help from a friend or the domestic foreigner magizines and information centers you will be able to find out where the festivals are being held.

The center of Fukuoka city will have to be Tenjin (though others may argue it to be Hakata). It is the shoppers haven of the prefecture. Feel you need to do a little shopping for some nice named brands from Italy or France? head on over to Tenjin. Want to blow off some steam and hit a bar (including foreigner bars)? Tenjin is the place to be. want to meet some new friends? Rainbow Plaza in… you guessed it, Tenjin, is the place to do just that.

Right next door to Tenjin is Nakasu. Nakasu

Food Here, Brew of Many Moods

Wouldn’t it be hard to imagine a restaurant named after an Austrian composer that serves Indian, Oriental as well as Western cuisine and is located in Gurgaon India?

Worth noticing at The Mozart Café

The Mozart Café is inspired by & named after the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This café is a mélange of many things varied like interiors, music and, of course, the fare it offers! But never misses its goals.

The brain-child of four people; mix and match is the mantra for The Mozart Café. The interiors are inspired by very modern and urban chic existence, the food is a spin-off of the traditional and the atmosphere is a brew of many moods.

Like the timelessness of Mozart’s Magic Flute, the tune that played for a better part of the evening, everything at The Mozart Café falls into place even though it always ran the risk of spilling over.

One of partner’s at The Mozart Café’ is said to be a leading exponent of bar tending in India and the medley of drinks reflects this. Besides the usual poisons the bar menu features an assortment of classic cocktails with a

How to Never Spoil Your Food in Cafe World

Are you tired of your food always spoiling? Constantly have spoiled food on your stoves can be a major setback in your success. The money you invested in the food and the EXP you would have gained would all be lost. This is why it is crucial to never spoil your food.

To keep your food from going bad, it is recommended to create yourself a cooking schedule

Keep Your Food From Spoiling With A Cooking Schedule
To create a good cooking schedule, you will first need to learn what types of food to prepare to maximize your earnings. You not only want to keep your food from spoiling, but also gain as many coins and EXP as you can.

To know what types of food will maximize your earnings, you must calculate which food items will give you the best return on your investment and compare the rates. To find your return on investment, you must take what you will earn after having sold all servings minus the cost of the food, find the total and this number by the cost of the food again.

Once you have all the percentages, you can

Cafe World Food Points

Do you want Cafe World tips to guide you to make lots of food points? Well if you want secret tips to help you stockpile food points, you must know how to:

– Make proper use of all your stoves
– Make lots of neighbors

Efficiently Use Your Stoves To Stockpile Food Points

Knowing how to efficiently use your stoves will greatly help you in your quest to stockpile food points. To properly use your stoves, make sure that you do not cook high level food items on all your stoves at a single time. Leave 1-2 stoves for lower level items so that you can repeatedly cook those foods to accumulate cafe points quickly and easily

Make Lots Of Neighbors To Stockpile Food Points

Having lots of neighbors means that you can gain a lot of free experience point and coins from them daily. The more neighbors you have, the more free EXP and coins you may receive. However, Zynga has put a cap on how much food points you can receive in a day. The most experience points you can get in one day is 100 and you can achieve this

Beanbag in Cafes and Lounges

Beanbags are increasingly finding favor among both individual and institutional customers. Perplexed about what an institutional customer is? Well along with all the households worldwide finding beanbags suiting their way of life, many commercial destinations too are finding beanbags a lucrative investment. Check out your nearest bookshop, library, or even your lounge. You can be sure to find a beanbag there

If you aren’t clued in yet, here’s a crash course in bean bags. Bean bags, an invention of an Italian furniture manufacturing company, are pear shaped pseudo couches, filled with thermocol pellets or shredded polyurethane foam. The bags have the ability to slide beneath the sitter to conform to his curves and this provides an ergonomic chair the user. The beanbags are actually better for ones back or spine since sitting on a beanbag puts lesser stress on them than sitting on a conventional chair. Moreover since the bag has the ability to place the sitter close to the floor, the joints of the sitter too are protected. Doctors and physicians recommend beanbags to protect ourselves from future health problems.

Along with its healthy properties beanbags also have a snazzy look about themselves, a look

Commercial Refrigeration for Coffee Shops

Running a catering business is not easy. If you have your own restaurant or café you will understand the importance of high quality, reliability and efficiency in every aspect of your business. This is especially true for commercial refrigeration and freezer appliances.

Commercial fridges and freezers are essential pieces of equipment, needed to ensure the food is stored correctly at the right temperatures and kept safe from contamination of any kind. There is no short cut to storing food correctly. In addition to stringent health and safety regulations, commercial kitchens are busier, larger and demand more from their appliances. This is why it is so important to have the right equipment. In a commercial environment, domestic appliances just will not do.

By working with a reputable supplier, you will have a wide choice of appliances to choose from. Chest freezers, large low temperature fridges, over the counter fridges, display cabinets, and more. They will all be available to choose from in a variety of sizes to suit your business needs, and the size of your premises.

For coffee shops, delicatessens, restaurants, canteen kitchens, and food manufacturers, the need for high quality fridges and freezers is

The Answer To Urban Farming and Food Security

When I was growing up in the UK many years ago, ‘vertical gardens’ wasn’t even a keyword as Google didn’t exist! However, I was lucky enough to live in a small village and to spend many happy hours with my grandfather discovering the wonders of his veggie garden, watching insects skate around on top of the water barrel and eagerly exhuming new potatoes as they mooned their milky white bums up through the black soil. To my way of thinking, my city dwelling friends missed out (I know- I dipped out on fun city stuff too) a few lucky ones had parents who stoically worked an allotment several miles away from their terraced houses but most of the others had to settle for supermarket veggies that struggled to stay fresh in the fridge. My friends were blissfully unaware of what they were missing by not ‘growing stuff in dirt’ and slobbering over those delicious, buttered ‘spuds’. Does this matter? I think it matters a lot – on so many levels.

The world is undergoing the largest wave of urban growth in history – It is estimated that by 2030, 60% of the world’s population will be living in

Sydney Restaurants, Cafes and Cocktail Bars

Australian cities offer a wealth of great eating and drinking options, with everything from sophisticated five-star restaurants to casual modern cafes and intimate, funky bars.

Sydney is the nation’s look-good, feel-good metropolis (sometimes nicknamed Emerald City). Fast-paced, deal-driven and traffic-laden by day, it’s a sparkling, balmy playground at night. Both The Economist and Monocle acknowledged its warm, mostly relaxed and cosmopolitan ambience by ranking it among their Top 10 ‘liveable cities’.

Once you’ve taken in the spectacular harbour and the ocean beaches, head further inland to enjoy the places where daily living gets done. The most interesting spots are scattered around the city, not grouped together in tidy formation, so be adventurous.

From the sometimes grungy but vibrant inner-west to the immaculately groomed avenues of the harbourside eastern suburbs, Sydney’s neighbourhoods are anything but homogenous. To find the best the city has to offer think in-between; seek out unexpected places tucked into the hidden folds between the waterways and the clogged arterial roads. If you get the balance right, it should feel like one big weekend, all week long.

Here are some of the best eating and drinking treasures in this bustling, buzzy, sundrenched place: For a splurge,

Perth Restaurants, Cafes and Cocktail

The Australian city of Perth is a fascinating mix of creativity, money (thanks to the mining boom) and a determined independence that comes from the fact that most of the nation’s other major cities are a five-hour flight away.

Visitors to Perth are in for a treat, with every kind of food and drink experience on offer, from five-star restaurants to seductive wine bars and cafés that make the most of the city’s alfresco climate. Here are some of the best in the most interesting neighbourhoods:

For a bar you’ll never want to leave, put Must Winebar, in the foodie area of Highgate, on your list. It doesn’t put a foot wrong. There’s quality wine, well executed tapas, a relaxed yet cosmopolitan atmosphere and a very convivial crowd. What’s not to love?

If you’re looking for a café where sustainability matters, make a beeline for Source Foods in evolving Northbridge. The clean, contemporary lines of the décor are a perfect fit with the simple goodness on offer on the menu.

To see a master chef at work, go to Shige Sushi Bar in South Perth. The décor is basic, if authentic, but the food

Commercial Juicing For Cafes

A big change has come over cafes and fast food restaurants in a few years. Its not fair trade coffee beans, or latte art – it’s the fact that they now often sell fresh juice, made while you wait. This health revolution fills the hole in bad diets, lacking in fiber, vitamins, and fresh unprocessed foods. If you are in the hospitality industry, or are considering entering the business, have you considered the viability of a fresh juice bar? Many establishments have successfully added a commercial juicer to their array of equipment, and now make a handsome profit from fresh juice.

Juice sells – just go into any food hall, or health food shop, and you will see a steady flow of customers, from young to old. Females aged 15 – 30 are the median buyer, probably representing the most health conscious demographic, but there is more to consider than just point of sale profit. Adding a juice bar will bring in new customers, who will inject money into the business, from themselves and the other people they attract.

All you will need to do as a business operator is find an appropriately sized juicer machine,

Cafes and Pubs in Dublin

Cafés and pubs are a lot more than a roadside experience now. Cafés are ideal spots for meetings, intellectual debates and gossip. These are the representatives of the modern urban culture. The idea of cafes and pubs emerged from the concept of American coffee houses and English tea rooms. Dublin is a new changed world. Now you can experience old fashioned coffee in new electrifying atmosphere and some contemporary food in century old traditional bars.

Dublin is the hub of eating out spots. You’ll discover that cafés, coffee shops and tea stalls come in a very close second while wandering around the city. There are numerous cafés established in Dublin offering premium coffee and excellent teas from all over the globe. From cool stylish bars to the traditional old pubs with stone walls, gas lights, thick wooden furniture and open turf fires, from a little hushed smoky bar to a sophisticated trendy pub, you’ll experience the diversity in ambience and variety in taste. The tempting fragrance of freshly brewed hot coffee mingled with the delicious aroma of freshly baked cakes and biscuits will drive you crazy.

Pubs and cafés are a place beloved to the heart

Melbourne Restaurants

No matter what you’re looking for, from elegant and sophisticated five-star restaurants to modern cafes and trattorias or hip bars, the city of Melbourne, jewel of Australia’s south, has it.

Here are some of the best:

For an unforgettable fine dining experience, don’t miss Three, Two, One in the dolce vita neighbourhood of Carlton. Chef and owner Andrew McConnell has gathered a devoted following thanks to the quality of his ingredients and the magic he works on the plate. It’s indulgent, intimate and unmissable.

For a great night out with friends, in-the-know revellers meet at what is usually called “the architects’ bar” (Meyers Place Bar is the formal name) in the city. There’s nothing flashy about it, but there doesn’t need to be when the cool inside-outside design and the interesting crowd create such a buzz.

For a restaurant find to wow your friends hunt out Yu-u in Flinders Street. This is a hidden treasure: there’s no signage, hardly any English spoken and no choice of dishes, just a Japanese set menu. Sounds unappealing? But then you taste the food. Ah, that’s why it’s consistently booked out.

Melbourne is famous for its stylish café culture

Gluten Free Cafe Review Brisbane

I heard about Kashmir Cafe and Gift Galleria from a few people at the Gluten Free Food Show in Brisbane, their comments were so positive I decided I could not miss checking out this cafe. Kashmir Cafe and Gift Galleria is located at 59 Redcliffe Parade over looking the sea on Redcliffe beach.

Kashmir looks more like a home-ware shop from the front, and owner Patricia mentioned the food was originally the second purpose for the store. However it turns out that Patricia, who has been a Coeliac for 30 years has created some a wonderful, fully gluten free menu, which has become very popular with Coeliac and non-Coeliacs alike!

I checked out Kashmir on a sunny Saturday afternoon and was treated to a wonderful chicken breast pakora’s with a beautiful salad. The flavor of the Kashmir menu is cafe style Indian, Thai and Mediterranean food styles. Indian dishes, such as Chicken and Onion Pakoras, Thai dishes, such as chicken satay and fish cakes and Mediterranean dishes such as Chickpea and Zucchini patties, mean that everyone will find something they like.

On the sweeter side I had a lovely real apple Turkish tea and then to investigate the cakes! There are

Top Child Friendly Cafes and Amp

It can be difficult to find cafes & restaurants, where you can enjoy a nice brunch or lunch, while the children are entertained. The following spots have been chosen as they offer not only great food, but plenty of space for kids to play.

Newport Arms
2 Kalinya Street, Newport

A very spacious cafe/restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining. Plenty of grassy areas as well as a playground for young kids. The perfect place for Sunday brunch or lunch as it offers incredible water views and great food selections.

Carss Park Cafe & Grill
Carwar Avenue, Blakehurst

Located in the middle of Carss Bush Park, this cafe offers delicious food for adults and kids. Great playgrounds and lots of green open spaces. There is also a small beach, where children can play. Interestingly, the top layer of the sand is yellow, but if you dig deeper, the sand is dark grey, which is awesome for sandcastle building.

The Deck
1064 Pittwater Road, Collaroy

This great cafe is located right on Collaroy Beach. Enjoy a quiet coffee or lunch, while the kids build sandcastles or kick the ball on the sand. During summer,