Cafe World Food Points

Do you want Cafe World tips to guide you to make lots of food points? Well if you want secret tips to help you stockpile food points, you must know how to:

– Make proper use of all your stoves
– Make lots of neighbors

Efficiently Use Your Stoves To Stockpile Food Points

Knowing how to efficiently use your stoves will greatly help you in your quest to stockpile food points. To properly use your stoves, make sure that you do not cook high level food items on all your stoves at a single time. Leave 1-2 stoves for lower level items so that you can repeatedly cook those foods to accumulate cafe points quickly and easily

Make Lots Of Neighbors To Stockpile Food Points

Having lots of neighbors means that you can gain a lot of free experience point and coins from them daily. The more neighbors you have, the more free EXP and coins you may receive. However, Zynga has put a cap on how much food points you can receive in a day. The most experience points you can get in one day is 100 and you can achieve this by visiting 20 neighbors.

To get a lot of easy cafe points and coins daily, you must have a lot of neighbors. However, this process can prove to be very annoying for your friends as you have to constantly spam them of invitations.

Want to know some real secret strategies to gain food points quickly and easily?

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