Commercial Juicing For Cafes

A big change has come over cafes and fast food restaurants in a few years. Its not fair trade coffee beans, or latte art – it’s the fact that they now often sell fresh juice, made while you wait. This health revolution fills the hole in bad diets, lacking in fiber, vitamins, and fresh unprocessed foods. If you are in the hospitality industry, or are considering entering the business, have you considered the viability of a fresh juice bar? Many establishments have successfully added a commercial juicer to their array of equipment, and now make a handsome profit from fresh juice.

Juice sells – just go into any food hall, or health food shop, and you will see a steady flow of customers, from young to old. Females aged 15 – 30 are the median buyer, probably representing the most health conscious demographic, but there is more to consider than just point of sale profit. Adding a juice bar will bring in new customers, who will inject money into the business, from themselves and the other people they attract.

All you will need to do as a business operator is find an appropriately sized juicer machine, set up a counter to work at, and find a source of fresh ingredients. Most cities have distribution chains that cater to supermarkets and grocers, and will happily supply boxes of celery, carrots, fruit, and oranges, just to mention a few.

The juicing itself is not hard – it will take some organization (pre washing and cutting the most popular ingredients before customer rush-hour), but if you are already operating a food preparation or service business this will not be a big problem for you.