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Why You Need Quartz Countertops

Each home finds having a having a beautiful kitchen with an excellent countertop as fairly attractive. Quite a number of people have fallen in love with granite. But, perhaps it is because quartz has not reached them. Perhaps, they just do not know the benefits of quartz. But it will be of great value if you chose to use quartz countertops due to the following reasons.

It will be quite an uncommon occurrence if indeed you note quartz being destructible. The main components of these kind of countertops are naturally ground quartz and polymer resins. With this kind of mixture made, then you will be assured of both the durability and a sense of indestructibility too. This is to say that these countertops are really so strong. They can rarely be attacked by third parties. Quartz countertops are hardly vulnerable to both stains and corrosions. These corrosion could be from the household solutions that may be somehow acidic. Some of these solutions include oils and cleaning liquids. But, you will need to take care not to expose these countertops to the kind of heat that they cannot sustain. You are also advised not to expose it to direct sunlight for way too long. This is why they have a warranty that covers them for a long period of time.

One other important property is how non-porous they are. Most of the other stones are known to absorb water up to a certain level. Keep on mind that porosity varies with stones. The process involved in the making of quartz is actually so fruitful. This kind of engineering ensures that no liquid can be absorbed to these countertops. This has been added to the fact that there are many possible great designs with quartz countertops. There is so much creativity that comes with quartz countertops. This is due to the fact that quartz is quite flexible. The use of epoxy instead of screws is highly possible with quartz. This implies that they have more than one use in the home. There are so many colors that will be there for you to choose. Such diversity allows the possibility of easily matching the design of your bathroom or kitchen.

Quartz countertops are relatively cheap to maintain. It will be almost pointless for you to keep sealing these kind of countertops. These countertops will not demand of much when it comes to cleaning them. These countertops need to be cleaned with any materials that are non-abrasive. All you have to do is to ensure that the quartz countertop is installed by a certified person.

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